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Astghik K. Serobyan
Academic education
2010 - up to date Yeravan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, PhD student in Theory and History of Psychology
2008 - 2010 Yeravan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Master’s degree in Theory of Psychology and Personality Psychology
2004 – 2008 Yeravan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Professional experience
2011 - up to date Yerevan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, The Personality Psychology chair, Personality and Social Context laboratory as a junior fellow
2009 - up to date Scientific Research Centre of Applied Issues in Criminology at SNPO “National Bureau of Expertises” as a psychologist
2008 – 2012 Yerevan State University, Public Relations and Information Department, Methodological Division as collaborator

2007 October – 2008 February Psychological Counselling Skills Development (in armenian)
2011 July 16-21 EAPP Summer school "Robust Statistics for Personality and Individual Differences", Bertinoro, Italy
2012, February 20-21 "The Basics of Statistical Analysis in Social Research Using SPSS (descriptive statistics, correlation, regression)", CRRC, Yerevan, Armenia (in armenian)
2012, March 29-31 "Survey design", ASCN, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013 April 18-19 "Survey questionnaire design and correction for measurement errors using SQP program", CRRC, Yerevan, Armenia
2013 June 18 "Multivariate data analysis in social sciences", CRRC, Yerevan, Armenia (in armenian)
2013, December 5-7 "Understanding Quantitative Data Collection: Questionnaire Design, Survey Implementation and Survey Sampling", ASCN, Yerevan, Armenia

Professional interests
Psychodiagnostics, Psychometrics, Mathemathical statistics in psychology, Qualitative and quantitative methods of psychological research, Adaptation and standardization of psychological methods, Organization of social-psychological researches, Social psychology, Personality psychology

Armenian, Russian, English

1. Values, Beliefs and Social Behavior: Dynamics and Specifics in Modern Armenian Society. (2011-2013) ASCN – Junior researcher
2. Promotion or Prevention? Socio-cultural Factors in Women’s Academic Career Building. (2013-2014) CGLS - Researcher
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