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The Current Stage of the Demographic Transition in the Republic of Armenia
Mikayel Malkhasyan, Armen Khachikyan, Fr. Abraham (Manuk) Malkhasyan

Yerevan, YSU Press, 2023, p. 160, (+ 16 page insert)

ISBN 978-5-8084-2646-7

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46991/YSUPH/9785808426467

The  purpose  of  the  research  carried  within  this  book  is  to  show  the current stage of the demographic transition in the Republic of Armenia. We have investigated the variety of factors influencing the current natural growth rate, the trends in the dynamics, and the upcoming demographic challenges. We  have  introduced  suggestions  on  formulating  and  adopting  a  national project of demographic development.


To achieve this goal, we have set a task to present and analyze the data characterizing  population  natural  growth:  birth  rate  and  mortality  rates,  as well  as  various  factors  influencing  them.  Attention  has  been  given  to  the presentation of the marriage-divorce ratio as a precondition for the analysis of a factor directly affecting the birth rate. From the perspective of the analysis of  mortality,  particular  attention  has  been  paid  to  the  demographic consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the 2020 Artsakh War.


Guided by the methods of demographic macro-analysis, the investigation  of  the  main  characteristics  of  the  current  demographic  situation  in  the RA  in  the  conditions  of  the  demographic  consequences  of  the  COVID-19 Pandemic and the 2020 Artsakh War, allows not only the description of the current stage of the demographic transition, but also the prediction of future trends.  At  the  same  time,  the  historical-comparative  analysis  has  presented the main data characterizing the current demographic situation, their impact on the tendencies of increasing or decreasing the population of the RA. In the end, we have concluded that the current demographic processes in the RA are characterized as the stage of demographic crisis and step by step are turning into the cyrcle of demographic “winter” (the natural decrease of the population),  if  the  trends  continue  their  current  path.  However,  a  minor  natural growth of population has been stable so far.

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