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Problems in theoretical mechanics
Roland Avagyan, Aram Saharian, Tigran Petrosyan

Yerevan, YSU Press, 2024, p. 244

ISBN 978-5-8084-2664-1

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46991/YSUPH/9785808426641

Among the courses of theoretical physics, the subject “Classical mechanics” occupies a special place. It is the first in the series and introduces fundamental ideas and laws that are being used later in the courses “Classical electrodynamics”, “Quantum mechanics”, “Statistical physics”, “Quantum field theory”, and “Classical theory of gravitation”.

The most important ones are the principle of least action, conservation laws, canonical transformations, the Hamiltonian formulation of the description of the dynamics of physical systems, and the patterns of the dynamics of oscillatory systems. A necessary component for the successful understanding of the course is the application of the laws and research methods outlined during the lectures in solving specific problems.


This book includes more than 130 problems of varying complexity, some of which are taken from various books known in the literature. During the selection of problems, the many-year experience of teaching the subject “Classical mechanics” at the Chair of Theoretical Physics named after Academician Gurgen Sahakyan of Yerevan State University was taken into account. Problems are accompanied by solutions for effective selfwork. Instructions are given for uncomplicated problems, and detailed solutions are provided for relatively complex ones.

The authors are grateful to the lecturers of the Chair of Theoretical Physics named after academician Gurgen Sahakyan for detailed discussions and useful advice, they warmly thank the reviewers Professor L. Aslanyan and Professor L. Grigoryan for valuable remarks.

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