Academic Books
Aleksandr K. Grigoryan
1983-1990 Undergraduate study, Faculty of Radiophysics, Yerevan State University (YSU) (Graduate with honors)
1993-1996 Post-graduate study (Theoretical Physics) in Faculty of Radiophysics, YSU

Academic degree
2000 PhD degree from YSU . Dissertation entitled “Superdence star models of strange quark matter”

Professional experience
1990-1993 Head of educational laboratory, Faculty of Radiophysics, YSU
1993-2000 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Radiophysics, YSU
2000-2006 Associate Professor, Faculty of Radiophysics, YSU
2000-2006 Head, Department of Academic Affairs, YSU
2006-present Associate Professor, Chair of Education, YSU
2006-present Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, YSU

Academic courses
Credit System in Higher educational institution
Educational policy in Higher educational institution

Scale of professional interests
Physics of superdense celestial bodies
Higher education management

Participation in grant projects
2003-2004 Project director of “Improvement of Management System of Yerevan State University”, OSI Assistance Foundation grant
2005-2006 YSU project coordinator for “Accumulation and Transfer of ECTS Credits on the Example of Inter-institute Educational Program”, OSI Assistance Foundation grant
2006-2007 Project director for “Development of Internal Quality Assurance System of Yerevan State University”, OSI Assistance Foundation grant
2007-2008 YSU project coordinator for “ECTS Based Credit Framework for Armenia”, Tempus Structural and Complementary measures Project
2007-2009 YSU project coordinator for “Internal quality assurance system in Armenian HEIs”, Tempus Joint European Project
2008-2009 YSU project coordinator for “Framework model of internal quality assurance based on the example of interuniversity consortium”, OSI Assistance Foundation grant
2010-2011 Project director of “Development of Quality Assurance Procedures for YSU study programmes”, OSI Assistance Foundation grant

Armenian, Russian and English

Professional membership
2005-present Member of the Board on National Information Center for Academic recognition and mobility
2006-present Member of the National Workgroup of realization Bologna principles
2008-present Member of the Public Board Base organization of the CIS countries on retraining and enhancement of qualification for new directions of techniques and technologies
2008-present Member of the National Workgroup on Quality Assurance
2008-2010 Member of the Board of the National Center for Professional Еducation Quality Assurance

01.10.09 - Medal of Armenian State Pedagogic University named after Khachatur Abovyan, 03.10.09 – Honorary medal of RA Prime-Minister

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