Academic Books
Araksya H. Stepanyan
2010: Advanced courses of Italian Art & Culture, Perugia University For Foreigners, Italy
2007: Advanced courses of Italian Literature (Middle Ages), Bolonia University, Italy
2006: Master’s Degree Diploma (candidate thesis - “Methods, communication and translation approaches in teaching literary texts”) , Perugia University for foreigners, Italy
2005: Italian Language & Culture Diploma, Perugia University For Foreigners, Italy
2003: Certificate for Advanced courses of Italian Language for teachers, Perugia University For Foreigners, Italy
2000: Research studies of Italian Classical Literature, Bolonia University, Italy
1996: Research studies, «Tempus - Tacis» - programme “Didactics & new technologies of Romance Languages”, Perugia University For Foreigners, Italy
1999: Courses of requalification for professors
1983 - 1988: Yerevan State University, faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology (French, Italian)

Professional experience
2003 – 2005: ERIICTA University, professor
2002 – 2008: Military Institute after Vazgen Sargsyan, professor
2001 – 2003: Yerevan State College of Humanities, professor
1994 – to present: Yerevan State University, professor
1992 – 1999: “France Formation” Language centre‎ under Embassy of France in Armenia, professor
1992 – 1994: “Hrachya Acharyan” University, professor
1988 – 1994: Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, professor

Participation in International Conferences and Seminars
2007: Report-“Armenia Today”, Bolonia University, Italy
2006: Italian association of women, report - “Armenian genocide memory day”, Amelia, Italy
2005: Conference dedicated to Armenian poetess V. Aghanur from Italy, Magione, Italy

Armenian (mother tongue), Russian, English, Italian (fluent)