Academic Books
Aram H. Simonyan
1977 - 1981: Moscow Institute of History of USSR AS, Postgraduate studies
1972 - 1977: Yerevan State University, Faculty of History
1961 - 1972: Secondary school

Work experience
From 2008, July 10: Director of Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU
From 2006, May: Rector of YSU
2000 - 2006: Vice-rector on educational activities
2005: Received professor’s degree
1995 - 2000: Head of YSU Educational Administration
1986 - 2000: Assistant of YSU chair of USSR History, Associate professor of the chair of Armenian History
2000: Defended doctoral thesis
1993 - 1995: YSU Academic Secretary
1983: Defended PhD thesis
1981 - 1983: Junior scientific associate of Armenian SSR AS Institute of History, then scientific associate

Scientific activities
He is the author of eighty scientific studies, three of which are monographs. The field of research includes history of the Armenian nation (in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century), especially historical statistics, industrial capital, as well as the issues of Artsakh and Zangezur history 1917-1921.
He was the supervisor of 6 defended PhD theses.
He took part in numerous international and republican symposiums. He was repeatedly invited in scientific-educational centers of Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, USA and a number of other countries, where he was engaged in scientific-educational activities.

Language proficiency
Armenian, Russian, English

Member of the Republican Party of Armenia

Marital status
Married, has two daughters
Books published by the YSU