Academic Books
Arman R. Martirosyan
1983 - 1993: N 172 Secondary English School, Yerevan
1993 - 1998: Graduate from the Department of Economics,
Specialization in International Economic Relations, Yerevan State University
1998 - 1999: Officer of Armenian Army
1999 - 2002: Post graduate study in Yerevan State University,
2002: Candidate of Economics (Ph.D in Economics)
2005: Associate Professor

Professional experience
2001 - 2002: Lecturer at Yerevan private “Galick” University, Lectured “Economics”, “World Economy”, Organized special seminars of “World Economy” and “Economics”
2002 - to present: Associate Professor at Yerevan State University, Department of Economics, Lectures “The History of Economic Thoughts”
Lectures “Economics (Microeconomics and Macroeco-nomics)”
Lectures in a magistracy “Psychological Economics”
Lectures in a magistracy “Development Economics”
2004 - 2000: NIS University and College Partnership Program Certificate of Achievement and successful completion of the Faculty Development Program in Business and Economics. California State University, Fresno.
2004: Eurasia Foundation Caucasus Research Resource Centers - CRRC - Armenia. Certificate of completion the course: Economic Analysis using SPSS and E-views Packages
2005: International Labor Organization. KAB, SIYB, Certificate completion the training on “Know About Business” in the framework of the ILA Programme on training entrepreneurship bases in vocational – education system.
2007: Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC), Economics Research and Outreach Center (EROC) KYIV School of Economics, April 2007.
Certificate of completion the course of Game Theory for Business Strategy