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Armen R. Harutyunyan
Work Experience:
September 2003 - present: Director, Yerevan State University Legal Clinic
August 2001 - present: Lecturer, Law faculty Yerevan State University, Legal Clinic, Courses taught: Criminal Procedure Law, Street Law
September 2000 - present: Associate professor, Law Faculty , Yerevan State University
April - July 2000: Prosecutor, Military Prosecutor’s Office
August 1998 - April 2000: Consultant, President’s Security Department
September 1997 - 2000: Lecturer, Law Faculty, Yerevan State University, Courses taught: Criminal Procedure Law, Theory of Evidence and Prosecution in the Republic of Armenia
November 1995 - August 1998 Legal Consultant, National Assembly of Armenia, Standing Committee on State and Legal Issues
September - November 1995:Lawyer, Civil Aviation General Department of Armenia

1996 - 1999: YSU Law Faculty, Post-Graduate Doctoral Program (“Aspirantura”), specialization: Criminal Procedure Law, Degree received - ‘Doctor of Law”
January - May 1999: Junior Faculty Training Program (USAID funded), UC Berkeley, Law School, Berkeley, California, USA
July - August 1997: Law Library Training Program, New York University, School of Law, New York, USA
1995 - 1996: English for Governmental Lawyers, American University of Armenia
1990 - 1995: YSU Law Faculty, Degree in Jurisprudence with Honors

Seminars, workshops and summer schools attended:
April 2008: “Free Legal Assistance in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia”, International Meeting, Gdansk, Poland
April 2008: Expert: OSCE ODIHR Trial Monitoring Project in Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
February 2008: Salzburg Open Medical Institute and Open Society Institute Seminar in Practitioner Guides in Law and Health, Salzburg, Austria
December 2007: Expert: Seminar for Prosecutors on Practical Implementation of Provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, Yerevan, Armenia
October 2007: Study Visit organized by Polish Legal Clinics Foundation in cooperation with the Public Interest Law Institute (PILI), Warsaw and Bialystok, Poland,
July 2007: CEU Summer University Course: Teaching Law, Human Rights and Ethics In cooperation with PILI and Columbia Law School
November 2006 Expert: Seminar for Newly Designated Judges on Practical Implementation of Provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, Yerevan, Armenia
July 2004: GAJE Conference, Krakow, Poland
November 2003: International Conference on Strategic Planning of Clinical Legal Education and Sustainable Development of Legal Clinics of CIS organized by ABA CEELI with the support of the USAID,
October 2003: Expert: Training Program for Human Rights Lawyers from Armenia “European Convention on Human Rights and European Court standards”; The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (The Hague), INTERIGHTS (London), BARA (Yerevan), Yerevan, Armenia
May 2002: Seminar for teachers of Legal Clinics on Clinical Legal Education Program organized by the YSU Legal Clinic with the support of COLPI
September 2001: Summer school for law students organized by the Academy on Human Rights, St. Petersburg, Russia
June-July 2001: Course on European Human Rights Law organized by Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute and Institute of European Law and Human Rights International Law, Licani, Georgia
July 1997: Training course for law professors on human rights in the administration of justice organized by United Nations High Commissioner. Center for Human Rights, Yerevan, Armenia
October 1996: Seminar on Expertise of General Part of the Draft Criminal Procedure Code of Armenia, Leiden, Netherlands

Armenian (native), Russian - fluent, English- good

(+374 60) 71-02-46 (inner line 12-46)
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