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Arpine A. Hovhannisyan
After graduating from the school after V. Teryan in 2000, she entered the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law, which she finished in 2006 with honors (bachelor degree in 2006, Masters Degree in 2006). She began her postgraduate studies in the department of Civil law in the same year and earned her PH.D in Law in 2009, following which she began teaching in the Civil department of the Yerevan State University (from 2010-2012 as an assistant, and from 2013 as a docent/assistant professor.

From 2003-2007 Ms. Hovhannisyan has worked as a specialist and later as a leading specialist in the department of judicial reforms at the Staff of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia. From 2007-2008 she has worked as a deputy head of the department of legal acts expertise at the Staff of the Ministry of Justice of RA and from 2008-2011 as a assistant to the Head of the Staff at the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. On May 6, 2012 Ms. Hovhannisyan was elected as a deputy of the National Assembly of RA.

In 2008 - participated in the “Gender education as a civic education and a factor in the formation of a democratic culture. " classes of held by the gender school.

In 2009 she participated in the seminar held by the Council of Europe on “The role of the Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly in promoting democracy and the rule of law”. In 2009 participated in the conference on “Legal cooperation as a necessary factor for sustainable development in the South Caucasus” held in Berlin. In 2010 Ms. Hovhannisyan participated in the training courses held in USA and in 2013 in the conference held in Tokyo and organized by the Association of population development devoted to the issues of the aging population and reproductive health.

The title of the postgraduate/ PH.D thesis: “Real estate as the object of the civil law relations”.

Academic research area: real estate, contracts, state regulation of business activity, intellectual property.

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