Academic Books
Ashot N. Hayruni
1981 - 1986: YSU the faculty of philology.
1983 - 1985: the faculty of social professions
1987 - 1991: YSU doctorial.

Academic degree
p.h.d. of History

Professional experience
1986 - 1990: the editor of radioprograms in Vardenis.
1990 - 1994: head of department «Armenian Republic» newspaper
1993: 3-montly scientifical and oratical action in «Westfalenpost» newspaper
1994 - 1996: the 3-th secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of European Department of RA.
1995: three montly diplomatic corses in German.
1997: seven month scientific action in the Martin Luter`s university of Halle (German)
1998 - 2008: scientific action in Hrachya Acaryan`s university.
2000: three montly scientific action in Boghum`s university.
2004 up to now: scientific action in YSU.

Academic courses
History of Armenia, the history of Armenian Genocide, The Eastern policy of German and the Armenian Question, Armenian Genocide and Holocost, The Armenian voluntary brigads during the first World War, the role of Soviet Armenia in the Armenian history.

Scale of professional interests
The history of Armenian Question, The history of Armenian Genocide, The Armenian Genocide in the context of german-turkish relations, The Armenian Question in the external policy of Germany and European countries, The external policy of the first republic of Armenia.

Participation in grant projects
1997: grant «The convension of the scientific academy of Germany»\
2000: grant of DAAD
2001: grant from the institution of Arenian questions of Myunkhen.
2002: grant from Frederik Ebert`s fund
2009: grant from the organization of «The workers of development of science, education and cultur».

Armenian, Russian, German
Books published by the YSU