Academic Books
Astghik Sh. Avetisyan
1994 - 1999: Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University (diploma with honor).
1999 - 2003: Postgraduate student of Chair of Radio and Television Journalism.

Academic Degree
2010 Candidate of Philology «Typology of TV programs (television under conditions of formation of the social new relations» The Highest Qualification commission, 012 professional council
2014 Associate Professor.

Professional experience
2014 to present: Associate Professor of Chair of Radio and Television Journalism, Yerevan State University.
2013 - 2014: PR manager of National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation.
2012 to present: Editor-in-chief of www.anews.am e-newspaper.
2012: Author and presenter of «Gitak» scientific-popular TV project.
2011 November: PR Director of «CleanLand» company.
2011 February-November: Head of International Public radio of Armenia, then Adviser to the Executive Director.
2008 - 2011: Assistant to Press Secretary of the President of Republic of Armenia.
2001 to present: YSU Faculty of Journalism, lecturer.
2002 - 2008: RAU Faculty of Journalism, lecturer.
2000 - 2008: Pan-Armenian Youth Foundation, Head of Information Department.
1998 - 2000: “Yntatsq” TV company, editor-in-chief.
1995 - 1998: “Shrjan” newspaper, journalist.
1997 - 1999: “Nork” TV company “On the eve of 21st century, student moments”, RA Public Television “Lraber” news service, “Nork” TV company “News”, RA Public Radio “Yerevan” program, “Asun-lur” youth program; freelance correspondent.
1994 - 1997 “Lragir”, “Haykakan zhamanak”, “Molorak”, “Yerevanyan orer”, “Zrutsakits”, “Aravot”, “Yerevani hamalsaran”, “Zhurnalist”, “Garun”, “Hayastani Hanrapetutyun” periodicals, freelance reporter.

Short-term experience
2013: IFES-Armenia, USAID, trainer of Election Officials Training program, training course for PEC members in the run up to Presidential elections.
2013 to present (periodically): Successful party work. Trainer of Managements, Communication and PR program, Konrad Adenauer foundation.
2012: IFES-Armenia, USAID, trainer of Election Officials Training program, training course for PEC members in the run up to Parliamentary election.
2007: IFES-Armenia, USAID, local trainer and coordinator of Election Officials Training program.
2002 - 2007: United Nations Development Fund for Women/UNIFEM/ “Women in conflicts resolution and peacebuilding process” training program, trainer.

Scientific subject
Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU, “The Karabakh war in Armenian and foreign sources”, senior research associate, 2011 - 2013.

Social experience
2011: “Hayer” magazine, political consultant.
2010 to present: Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, Member of Presidium, PR Director.
2008 to present: “WostAYN” Pan-Armenian network, Chief Secretary.
2006 to present: “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO, President.
2001 - 2003: “Teghekagir Hayastani eritasardutyan” magazine, editorial board member.
2000 - 2006: Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, volunteer.
1999 - 2000: Head of “Asun” youth information and analysis center.
1998 - 1999: YSU Students’ Union, President of information and analytical committee.
1996 - 1999: Confederation of student clubs of YSU United Labor Union, author and presenter of series of “Meetings with famous people”.
1995 - 1999: President of the Student Council of YSU Faculty of Philology and Journalism.

Participation in seminars, training programs, conferences and other international projects as trainer, participant and organizer

Main subjects
Journalism, PR, Youth, Civil Society, Scientific policy, Management, Information and consultations, Youth policy, Gender issues, Regional cooperation , European citizenship, Non-formal education, Election and voting.

Seminars, training programs, conferences
1. Role of women in modern society, Minsk, 1998, December, New Group.
2. Youth for peace in the Caucasus, Tbilisi, 1998, December, TSU SC.
3. Universities and society. International conference “Partnership of universities of the CIS”. Moscow, 200, March, MSU.
4. Youth on the eve of 21st century. Cooperation and globalization regional conference, Yerevan, 2000 YSU SC.
5. Reflection of youth problems in mass media, seminar, Tsaghkadzor, 2000, October, YSU Information Service.
6. Together we stand, youth international program, Hamburg, 2000, November-December, Youth network.
7. Youth and mass media, cooperation prospect, Yerevan, 2001, March, All-Armenian Youth Foundation, Department of Information.
8. Peace strengthening and resolution of conflicts, training program for professionals, Yerevan, 2001, November, UN Development Fund for Women/UNIFEM/, International center of human development.
9. Stability in South Eastern Europe, Belgrade, 2001, November-December, AEGEE, Soros.
10. Women for conflicts resolution and peace building, training course, Tsaghkadzor, 2002, January, UN Development Fund for Women.
11. Women building peace, seminar, Sochi, 2002, March, UNIFEM, International ALERT.
12. Regional training visit, Tbilisi, 2002, April, Youth Department of the Council of Europe.
13. Human rights education and youth policy, training program, Lusakert, 2002, CoE, FYCA, ACRPC.
14. Counterbalanced democracy. Woman and power. Policy for achievement of gender balance, Conference, Tsaghkadzor, 2003, Association of Women with University Education.
15. Journalism - 2004, scientific conference, Minsk, December2-3, Belarusian State University, 2004.
16. Training program for Armenian youth leaders, February 6-16, Macedonia, Global education services, USAID, 2007.
17. Development of steady democracy. Electoral administration and political participation. BRIDGE training course for trainers, February 19-March9, UN, AEC, IDEA, Armenia, 2\007.
18. Election Officials training program, local coordinator, March 25- May 12, IFES-Armenia, USAID, Yerevan-Ararat, 2007.
19. «Stop the bullying» program for representatives of NGOs and mass media, October 22-29, AFSA, Rome, 2007.
20. Practical preparatory program for journalists in Russian RTR and RT TV companies, August 5-14, Embassy of Armenia to Russian Federation, RA President staff, Moscow 2008.
21. Armenian and Jewish youth seminar in Budapest, Youth Department of the Council of Europe, Hungary 2010.
22. The Pan-Armenian journalists` 5th conference, RA Ministry of Diaspora, Artsakh, October, 2010.
23. «Television and society» conference, RA Ministry of Diaspora, YSU Faculty of Journalism, February 2012.
24. «Influence of mass media on formation of public opinion and peculiarities of perception of information by the different generations» lecture, «Old Generation vs New Generation: which we are?» international seminar in the frame of EU «Youth in Action» program, Jurmala, March 1-7, 2012.
25. The Pan-Armenian journalists’ 6th conference «Ahead of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide», RA Ministry of Diaspora, Aghavnadzor, October 4-6, 2012.
26. Management of projects retraining course, Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian Inter-professional International Group, Paris, France, November 29-31, 2012.
27. “Mass communication: current challenges and development perspectives. Armenia 2013” conference, 29.11.2013, Yerevan, YSU, YSLU, APRA, IPSC, SPRING.
28. “IQ in EVS” EU PROJECTS PARTNER FINDING, 15-22 June 2013, Vicenza, Italy, EU “Youth in Action” Programme.
29. “Be a Creative EntrPReneur”, Training and Networking Projects, 25.05-02.06-2014, Yerevan, “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO, EU “Youth in Action” Programme.
30. “PR cocktail for Youth worker”, Training and Networking Projects, 21.07-27.07-2014, Yerevan, “Armenian PR association” scientific-informational NGO, EU “Youth in Action” Programme.

Scholarship and awards
1996 - 1999 «Grigor Artsruni» scholarship, RA Journalists` Union,
1998 April 6, YSU letter of commendation, YSU Students` union, YSU Rector
1998, December 29 “Student of the year”, YSU letter of commendation, YSU Rectorate, YSU United Trade Union
2000, February, Conference dedicated to the 12th anniversary of Karabakh war, Diploma for the best speech, Artsakh State University
2001 December, YSU diploma for the big contribution in organization of the in-university life, YSU United Trade Union
2003, 2004, 2005 Diploma for properly organizing the elucidation of «Bazeh» Pan-Armenian youth gathering, Pan-Armenian Youth Foundation
11.06.2014 YSU Letter of Acknowledgement for long and honorable work, personal achievements in the field of science and university education, contribution in the preparation of young professionals and for the 95th anniversary of Yerevan State University, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan.

Academic courses
Modern PR technologies, Nanotechnologies in advertising and PR, TV journalism and etc.

Academic interests
TV journalism, Public relations, Political science, Psychology, Nanotechnologies.

Books published by the YSU