Academic Books
Davit H. Alaverdyan
1991 - 1996: Yerevan State University, Department of Journalism
2006 - 2010: Russian- Armenian Slavonic University, applicant

Scientific degree
Candidate of Philological Sciences (2011)
Topic of the thesis - "Information Wars: the Armenian Practice of Reporting"

Work experience
1991 - 1992: National TV of the Republic of Armenia, Editor
1992 - 1993: "Bravo" weekly, Editor-in-Chief
1993 - 1995: "Maximum" weekly, Editor-in-Chief
1995 - 1996: "Lragir" daily, Editor
1996: "Biayni" TV company, Editor
1996 - 1998: Division of Media and Propaganda of the Defense Ministry of Armenia, Editor
1998 - 2010: "Hrachya Acharyan" University of Yerevan, lecturer of the Department of Journalism
1998 up to now - "Mediamax" Media Company, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
2003 - 2008: Russian-Armenian Slavonic University, lecturer of the Department of Journalism
2003 up to now - "MediaBrand Impex" company, cCo-founder and Deputy Director
2005 up to now - lecturer at the Chair of the YSU Department of Radio and Television Journalism
2006 - 2007: Freedom of Information Center, expert
2006 - 2010: "Prestige" magazine, Editor-in-Chief
2007 up to now - Information Center on NATO in Armenia, Deputy Director

Courses conducted
Information Wars, Information and Communication Technologies and Journalism, Journalism Practice Skills

Scope of scientific interests
Information wars, cyber-wars, online journalism, multimedia journalism, foreign journalism, new media, blogs, social networks

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership
2004 up to now - Association of the Armenian Online Media and Journalists, President

Professional trainings
May 2001 - 3-month media management program (USA)
June 2002 - 1-week course of investigative journalism at the European Journalism Center (Netherlands)
May 2003 - 2-week program for re-training of foreign journalists (Japan)
May 2004 - Advanced training course for journalism lecturers (Georgia)
November 2005 - European Structures press tour (Belgium)
July 2006 - 2-week program on advancing the role of media (Great Britain)
September 2007 - 1-week retraining course for journalists and press secretaries (Lithuania)
September 2008 - Pristina press tour (Kosovo)
December 2008 - OSCE Summit press tour (Finland)
June 2009 - 1-week retraining course for journalism lecturers of the Easter Europe (Czech Republic)
November 2009 - OSCE conference on teaching journalism (Georgia)
April 2010 - PACE press tour (France)
November 2010 - Annual congress of the Information Centers on NATO (Belgium)
June 2011 - OSCE conference on violence against journalists (Lithuania)
Books published by the YSU