Academic Books
Davit R. Hayrapetyan
2004 - 2007: postgraduate studies (Yerevan State University, Department of Theory and History of Psychology)
2002 - 2004: Master degree (Yerevan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology) Diploma AM № 002868
1998 - 2002: Bachelor degree (Yerevan State University, Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology) Diploma AB № 007229

Academic degree
2010: Associate Professor of Psychology, Diploma D № 02159
2007: PhD in Psychological Science, a certificate № 03725

Professional experience
Since 2014: member of Programming Committee on Youth of the Council of Europe (on a public basis)
Since 2013: national coordinator of Council of Europe campaign «No hate speech movement» (on a public basis)
Since 2013: National correspondent of European Knowledge Centre of Youth Policy (on a public basis)
Since 2012: Director at SNCO “Youth events holding center”
Since 2006: secretary of the University Council (on a public basis)
2006 - 2012: assistant rector of Yerevan State University
2010 to present: associate professor at Department of General Psychology
2007 - 2010: assistant professor at the Department of General Psychology,
2006 - 2012: “Newtechn” LLC director
2004 - 2006: head of the YSU Division of Student Affairs
2002 - 2004: officer in YSU Educational Department
2005 - 2012: "YSU Graduate union" NGO president advisor

Academic courses
Cognitive psychology,
Psychology of decision making,
Quantitative methods in psychological research
Political and governmental public relations

Scale of professional interest
Consumer behavior studies, Behavioral economics, Psychology of decision making, Mathematical Methods in Psychology, Youth studies

Participation in grant projects
Psychological heuristic mechanisms in consumer's money behavior and their overcoming, RA MES, the Science state committee, 2013-2015, 13YR-5A0010
Person’s space-temporal perceptional characteristics and regulation at individual and social-psychological level, RA MES, the Science state committee, 2010-2012, 11_5а563
Development of a psychological test system for the Police of the RA. OSCE Office in Yerevan, 2011, OSCE, PO. 226723.

Armenian, Russian, French, English

Professional membership
Since 2014: member of Interregional Association for Cognitive Studies
Since 2012: board member of International youth NGO «Sodrujestvo»
Since 2012: member of editoral board of scientific journal «Psychology in economics and management»
Since 2009: international affiliate of the American Psychological Association
Since 2009: member of The European Association for Decision Making Since 2009: member of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making
Since 2009: member of the Saint-Petersburg psychological association (branch of The Russian Psychological Society)
Since 2004: member of the YSU Graduate union, since 2005 advisor of president.
2001 - 2004: President of the Student Scientific society of the Faculty Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, YSU
2000 - 2002: editor of student monthly «Psychologist»

Awards received
2014: The RA President Acknowledgement letter for a decent and productive work
2009: Yerevan State University Gold Medal 2002: Yerevan State University Silver medal
2000 - 2002: Scholarship named after John Vorotnetsi

Books published by the YSU