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Gayane A. Soghomonyan
Gayane Arshavir Soghomonyan was born on August 8th 1961, in Yerevan, Armenia.

In 1978 she earned her high school diploma from N52 secondary school named after H.Hovhannisyan.

From 1981-1986 Mrs. Soghomonyan studied at The Yerevan State University. In 1986 she graduated from the YSU with a master degree in Philology.

From 1987-1997 Mrs.Soghomonyan was working in N133 secondary school. For a period of year she was a group leader for school students. From 1997-2000 Mrs. Soghomonyan took a job at N139 secondary school as a teacher of Armenian language and literature.

From 2006-2009 she took distance learning courses and graduated from the Public Administration Academy of the RA in Department of Public Administration .

In 2000 she was elected as a principal of N62 secondary school where she worked until 2009 October 5.

In 2009 October 5, Mrs. Soghomonyan was appointed as a head of the Department of Education at the Yerevan Municipality where she is currently working.

Gayane Soghomonyan is a Candidate of Philological Sciences, an Associate Professor of Philological Science.

She is an author of numerous scientific articles and the monograph of "new journalism in the late 19th century".

In 2000 she has been appointed as a lecturer to the faculty of the Yerevan State University's journalism department of theory and history where lectures up until now.

Mrs. Soghomonyan is married and has three children and three grandchildren.
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