Academic Books
Gerasim H. Panosyan
1948-1953 - Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, Biologist-physiologist
1953-1956 – Moscow State University, Department of animals physiology, Post-graduated course

Academic degree
Candidate – “The role of acetylcholine-cholinesterase system in myo-neural synapse of skeletal muscle”, 1957, Moscow State University, The HAC under the USSR Council of Ministers
Doctoral – “Study of some properties and function of histones”, 1975, Yerevan State University, The HAC under the USSR Council of Ministers
Reader (Docent) – Physiology, 1960, The HAC under the USSR Council of Ministers
Professor – Biophysics, 1976, The HAC under the USSR Council of Ministers

Professional experience
1956-1958 – Scientific Researcher at the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia SSR, Yerevan
1958-1961 – Reader at the Department of Physiology, Biological Faculty of Yerevan State University
1961-1964 – Senior scientific researcher at the Institute of Poliomyelitis and Virus Encephalitis of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow
1964-1977 – (with consistency till 1984) Organizer and Head of The Department of Biophysics of YSU
1977-1978 – Prorector (on science) of YSU
1978-1983 – Rector of Yerevan Zooveterinary Institute
1983-1986 – Director of the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR
1986-1994 – Head of the Department of Biophysics of YSU
1997-Present – Honorary Head of the Department of Biophysics of YSU
Scientific-investigation works
1966-1967 – Chester Beaty Cancer Research Institute of London University
1972 – California Institute of Technology, USA
1976 – Portsmouth Politechnical Institute, England
The representation and discussion of received scientific results
Wisconsin University (Madison), Stanford University (California), California University, Texas University (Houston), Bethesda National Health Institute, Pennsylvania University (Caltech, Pasadena), Harvard University, London University, Cambridge University

Academic courses
Molecular Biology, Development ways of biophysics and molecular biology

Scale of professional interests
Molecular biology and biophysics of Chromatin, Biophysics and molecular biology of cancerous cells, Structure and function of activated chromatin, the mechanism of effect of biological active compounds

Armenian, Russian, English

Professional membership
member of Scientific council of Faculty of Biology of YSU
member of Special Council of YSU for award scientific degree on Biophysics, Biochemistry and Radiobiology
member of Editorial Council of “Biological Journal of Armenia”

Awards received
1970 – The medal “For Labour Valour”
1981 – Honorary Diploma of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the Arm.SSR
1986 – The medal and Prize of the Exhibition of Achievement of National Economy of the Arm.SSR
2009 – “The memorable medal of prime minister of RA”
2010 –“Gold medal” of YSU
1981 – Title of Honoured Scientist of the Arm.SSR
1997 – Title of “Honorable Head” of Department of Biophysics of YSU

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