Academic Books
Inga L. Bazukyan
1992 - 1997: Diploma, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University

Academic degree
2008: Ph. D.: “Comparative characterization and possible application of phenylalanine – ammonia-lyase of plant (Helianthus tuberosus L.) and yeast (Rhodotorula aurantiaca KM-1) origin” 03.00.14 “Biotechnology”

Professional experience
2006 - present: Lecturer Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Microbiology, Plants and Microbes Biotechnology
1998 - 2010: Scientific Researcher Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Microbiology, Plants and Microbes Biotechnology

Academic courses
General microbiology; Application of biocatalysts in biotechnological productions; Agricultural microbiology; Secondary metabolites of microorganism; Medical microbiology; Advances in applied biosciences - Topics in Advanced Biotechnology; Agricultural biotechnology; Food microbiology; Microbial technology

Scale of professional interests
Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering

Participation in grant projects
1. Participation of CPEA -2011/10081 Norwegian SIU grant: 2011 - up to date
2. Participation of 159340-TEMPUS-ES-TEMPUS-JPCR Development of Master Course In Applied Biosciences, YSU: 2010 - up to date
3. «Danisco Cultor Company», Milwaukee, USA and Yerevan State University Biological faculty, Department of Microbiology, Plant and Microbe Biotechnology “Creation of lactic acid bacteria collection from villages samples of matsun (yoghurt) of different regions of Armenia”
4. Developing the 4th National Report on Biodiversity on UNDP (teamwork with scientists from different areas of biology, preparation of meetings and workshops, collection of reports, generalization of data, preparation of book to printing)
5. NATO Programme for security through science, Science for peace, “Study of antimicrobial and hypoallergenic products of lactic acide bacteria” SFP 982164

Russian, Armenian, English

Professional membership
1. “Armenian Association of Biotechnologists”
2. “Armenian Association of Biochemists”
3. “Armenian Association of Microbiologists”

Awards received
2010: Award for the best presentation and scientific work of Biotechnological Armenian Association according to «Contribution of young scientists to Biotechnology» conference.
2009: Certificate for the internet-work presentation on the International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology (BioMicroWorld2009), Lissabone, Portugal
2007: Award of National academy of Science of Republic of Armenia H. Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry and Armenian Association of Biochemists on the conference of young scientists for good scientific work.
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