Academic Books
Levon H. Khachatryan
1969 - 1975: Yerevan Politechnic Institute, (graduation diploma,engineer-economist)
1980 - 1984: Armenian Scientific Academy, Institute of Economy (aspirant)
1987: candidate of economic siences
1994: courses of macro-economics in Ministry of finance(Certificate)
1995: computer courses in State Engineering University of Armenia, (Eurasia Foundation (Certificate))
1996 - 1997: Took part in real estate and condominium teaching center works and programs, was one of scientific work executors in subject of “Real estate evaluation and housing grants investment in the Republic of Armenia”

Academic degree
PhD. Degree in economics - “The reduce of consumption of material of product and the increase of efficiency of production”

Professional experience
1975 - 1992: Major economist, senior sientific worker, chief of sector,chief of labaratory in Sientific Research Institute of Normatives and Planning
1992 - 1993: Expert of security,Commodity and raw material exchange
1993 - 1994: Chief of Department of Economy,credit and money circulation of Ministry Of Finance, Republic Of Armenia
1994 - 1995: Economist, Masis Commercial Bank
1995 to date - Assistant professor, Yerevan State University
1997 - 2000 - Host comitee member of Yerevan State University branch in Ijevan, 1997 and 1998 Executive Secretary, 1999 Vice President of the host comitee

Presentations at Professional Conferences
1982: 5th scientific session of the professors’ staff, Yerevan Nation Economy Institute
1984: Union School of Yong Economists, Moscow
1985: Young Scientists Practical Republic Conference,Yerevan
1986: The First Scientific Conference of Armenian Universities’ aspirants
1997: Third international conference on economics education, “Economics education at universities”, Yerevan-Vladimir
1999: Scientific conference of proffesors-lectors stuff and research students dedicated to the 80 years of Yerevan State University,Yerevan
2001: National Seminar “The legal basis of reformes of the population’s social security system in the Republic of Armenia”, Yerevan

Academic courses
Economical History, Basics of Economics (no professional faculties)

Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), French (conversional)