Academic Books
Marat A. Grigoryan
Education (since the higher education level)
1958 - Technical college of food industry
1960 - Geological faculty of YSU
1967 - Moscow State University, PhD study

Scientific degree
1973 - Candidate of Geological Sciences
1976 - Associate Professor

Work experience
1966 - Geological administration of Armenian SSR, specialist-geophysicist of seismology exploration expedition
1966 - Faculty of Geology of YSU, Chair of Geophysics, assistant professor
1973 - Chair of Geophysics of YSU, chief lecturer
1974 - Leader of geological-geophysical expedition in Adler-Sochi-Dagomis coastal area (landslide processes research)
1976 - Head of Chair of Geophysics, YSU
1988 - 1989 - Syrian Arabic Republic, chief expert in choosing a construction place for planned nuclear power station
1980 - 2008 Dean of the Faculty of Geology of YSU
Since 2008 - Director of “Geological Research Center” Ltd.
Since 2008 - Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Geology, YSU

Courses taught
“Geophysics”, “Seismology exploration”, “Objects of study of seismology exploration”, “Engineering seismology exploration”

Scientific-research interests
Investigation of the deeper structure of earth’s crust, seismology, engineering geophysics, research of hazardous geological processes (particularly, landslides), assessment of slopes’ stability using the complex geophysical methods, analysis of the issues of hydrogeology and engineering geology.

Language skills
Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), German (satisfactory)

Participation in international conferences and seminars
Dublin (1978), Cannes (1979), Venice (1981), Iran, Russia, Armenia

Public-scientific activities
Member of the European Association of Geophysics

Government awards and honorary titles
Anania Shirakatsi medal, Gold medal of Ministry of Education and Science of RA, Gold medal of YSU.

Professional training
1966 - 1967 Moscow State University
Books published by the YSU