Academic Books
Siranoush G. Nanagyulyan
1969 - 1974: Masters in Science (Biology), Yerevan State University, Faculty of Biology (Yerevan, Armenia)

Academic degree
Candidate of Biological Sciences (Ph.D.) - “Macromycetes of reservations of Armenia”, 1987, Institute of Botany NAS Republic of Armenia
Doctor of Biological Sciences (D.Sc.) - “Macromycetes of Republic of Armenia (species, spatial and functional structure)”, 1997, Institute of Botany NAS Republic of Armenia

Professional experience
Since 2005: Head of department of Botany, Professor, Head of Division of botany and mycology, Laboratory of General Biology, YSU
2000 - 2005: Assistant Professor, department of Botany, Leading Researcher, YSU
1995 - 2000: Leading Researcher, YSU
1975 - 1995: Senior research assistant, junior researcher, senior researcher, Yerevan State University (YSU), Armenia.
1974 - 1975: Senior research assistant, laboratory of nature protection, Ministry of ecology and nature protection, Armenia

Academic courses
Bachelor Course Fungi and lower plants, Fungal diseases, Botany and Mycology, Educational practice
Master Course Determination of Fungi and Algae of Armenia, Macromycetes, Plant diversity, Fungi in biotechnology - principles of artificial mushroom cultivation, Diversity of Armenian Algae, Fungi and Lichens

Scale of professional interests
Botany, Mycology, Biodiversity, Ecology, Biotechnology, Medicinal fungi

Participation in grant projects
2011 - 2012: Project “Survey and conservation of animals, plants and fungi in athropogenic disturbed semidesert ecosystems of Armenia”, principle investigator, (State Committee of Science RA).
2010 - 2012: Project TEMPUS-ES-TEMPUS-SPCR 159340 “Applied Biosciences”, staff member (TEMPUS).
2007 - 2009: Project “Creation of Red Book of Armenia” (Ministry of nature protection of Armenia).
2007 - 2010: Project “Conservation of microfungi - a voice for unprotected and vulnerable organisms” (Darwin Initiative project, UK).
2005 - 2007: Project “In situ Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives through Enhanced Information Management and Field Application”. UNEP/GEF/FAO.
2007 - 2008: Project “Phylogeographical and systematic investigation of ectomycorrhizal fungi in Armenian forests” (CRDF/NFSAT) - Principal investigator.
2005: Project “Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction (special protected areas - investigation of national parks of Armenia)”, national expert (World Bank).
2004: Fellowship at the University of Siena, Italy: Project “Ecology, biodiversity and systematics of plants and fungi” (Tempus).
2003: Project “Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction”, national expert (World Bank).
2003, 2008: Faculty of Raising Proficiency Level, Yerevan
2001: Fellowship at the University of Leipzig, Germany: Project "The Mapping and Protection of Macrofungi” (DAAD).
2000 - 2002: Project “Fungi conservation in Armenia” (Nagao Natural Environment Foundation”, Japan).
1998 - 1999: Project “In-situ conservation of Agrobiodiversity in Armenia”, national consultant, Ministry of Nature Protection RA (UNDP/GEF).
1997 - 1998: Project “Biodiversity of Armenia. First National Report”, national expert, Ministry of Nature Protection RA (UNDP/GEF).
1993: Project “Biodiversity” (Soros foundation).

Armenian, Russian, English, Germany

Professional membership
Professional membership in NGO
2010: Founder member of the European Council for the Conservation of Fungi
2008: member of NGO “Biotechnology”
2008: member of American Phytopatological association
2004: Armenian Mycological Society - NGO “Ecofung”, President
2004: Founder member of the European Mycological Association
1999: member of European Council for the Conservation of Fungi (ECCF)
1999: member of National Association of Consumers (Armenia)
1999: member of Armenian Botanical Society
1975: member of Russian Botanical Society
Professional council
2004: member of Scientific Special Councils in Botany/Mycology (Institute of Botany NAS Armenia)
1998: member of Scientific Special Councils in Agriculture (Armenian Agrarian University).
Editorial staff of scientific journal
2009: Member of editorial boards of “Scientific Notes of YSU”.
Awards received
2009: Yerevan State University Golden medal for achievements
2011: Golden Medal of Ministry of nature protection Republic of Armenia

Books published by the YSU