Academic Books
Tariel V. Ghochikyan
Yerevan State University, 1971-1977

Academic degree
PhD Thesis “The new synthesis on the base 2-acetyl-5-alkoxy-4-pentanolides”. Supervisors: A.Avetisyan, V.Harutyunyan. Qualification: PhD.. 1986
Doctoral work. Doctoral Thesis “The synthesis on the base five member saturated
mono and dilactons” Supervisor: RA NAS, academia A.Avetisyan. Qualification : Doctor of sciences (Chemistry). Final result Professor.2009

Professional experience
The younger scientific worker (employee) at the chair of organic chemistry. 01.1986 - 01.1987
Senior Researcher at the chair of organic chemistry. Preparation and publication of manuscripts for demonstrative experiments in chemistry. Preparation and supervision of seminars. 01.1987- 10.1991
Teaching duties - Preparation and supervision seminars. Practical laboratory training of organic chemistry.
Introduction of the developed methods in the factory of Yerevan Chemical Reactive.
Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry. 10.1991 - 02.2010
The lecturer.
Teaching duties - Undergraduate partical laboratory training. Teaching and laboratory supervision for master students. Preparation and supervision of master studens and Phd students.
Professor and dean of department Chemistry. 02-2010-till now

Academic courses
Course on Organic Chemistry
Methods of analyses organic compounds.
Functional analyses of organic compoundes
The methods of fine synthesis of organic compounds.

Scale of professional interests
Chemical synthesis: Syntheses based on the saturated 5-membered lactones. Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds on the base of butanolids. Syntheses of spiro heteryl composed. Research communication between structure and bioactivity of there.
Preparative methods: Chromatography/HPLC.
Analytical methods: Gas chromatography (operation of GLC, GC/MS). NMR (routine measurements of 1H and 13C, 1D, 2D) analysis of organic compounds. Photometric assays (quantification of proteins, carbohydrates and carotenes). Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Thin layer chromatography (TLC)

Participation in grant projects (present and past)
1998 - 2000 year: А-108 and 2000 - 2003 year. А - 356.
2007 - till now: project A-1677

Armenian, Russian, Germany

Professional membership
1998 - 2010: Member of Counsel of Science YSU Chemistry Department
2010 - till now: Dean of Counsel of Science YSU Chemistry Department

Awards received
Gold Medal of YSU , 2010