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Vahe A. Arsenyan
Vahe Arsen (Arsenyan) was born in 1978, in Yerevan. He graduated and earned his Ph.D. in American and English literature from Yerevan State University. He is currently assistant Professor of the Chair of World literature at Yerevan State University. He also translates poetry from English and Russian into Armenian. He has published two poetry collections in Armenian - “The Flying Bicycle” (2003), and “The Return of the Green Gods” (2007), the second book was translated into Holland and published in Netherlands in 2010. The second book was also translated into russian in 2011 and got title – “The Sun Express“. Vahe Arsen’s poems are translated and published also in USA, Spain, Germany, Finland, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Tajikistan, and many other countries. He is a member of the Writers Union of Armenia since 2004. Awards: Best poet-student (Yerevan, 2002), Winner of annual contest of International PEN organization (Yerevan, 2006), Best poet of the year (Irene Gyulnazarian Educational Fund, USA, 2006), Special Diploma “For Innovation in Poetry” (International poetry contest, Moscow, 2008), “Jambe 2010,” the annual award of Dutch poets (Netherlands, 2010).

In April of 2012 Vahe Arsen took part in International Poetry Festival “Chaz Poetov”, Lublin, Poland. In June of 2012 he represented Armenia invInternational Poetry Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In October of 2012 he also joined international Poetry Festival “Interlese 2012”, held in Magdeburg, Germany. In April of 2013 he joined the First International Poetry Festival in Yeravan, Armenia.

In June Vahe Arsen presented Armenia in Finland, during 26th International Poetry Reunion LIWRE 2013.
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