Academic Books
The First Yerevan Book Festival was held on November 24-26, where the books published by YSU Publishing House in recent years were also presented.

“Yerevan Book Fest” was organized by the Union of Artists “Mihr” with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the festival was to promote book publishing, publicizing modern Armenian literature, presenting new publications as well as the strengthening of the writer-publisher-reader chain. About 27 publishing houses participated in the book fair.

According to YSU Publishing House Director Karen Grigoryan, such events are very important. YSU Publishing House often participates in book fairs abroad as well. According to Karen Grigoryan, it is important for the international fairs to properly represent the country, establish contacts with foreign partners; it is important for local publishers to get acquainted with each other’s work during the Armenian festivals.

“The pavilion was mainly devoted to the educational literature, textbooks, new books, research. Basically, attention has been paid to foreign language literature. The books about Armenology and Genocide were largely presented as there were many tourists visiting the book fair in Yerevan, who want to get acquainted with Armenian history and culture,” - said Karen Grigoryan.

YSU students and YSU Cultural Center students came up with a unique flash mob. They strolled through the fair and read verses from the works of the great Armenian writers, promoting the spread of reading among young people.

Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan also visited “Yerevan Book Fest”. The minister expressed a hope that more young contemporary writers will participate in the festivals and present their works.

“In reality, we had a wonderful three-day event, which gave us more light, more warmth and ability to bring the publisher and writer, reader and book together. At least once a year we can gather in this format or larger. I am sure that next year the event will become a republican, international event,” - said Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan.

An important part of the festival was the award ceremony for the contemporary Armenian literature representatives. There was no age limitation. About 133 applications were received for the contest. Contemporary Armenian literature nominations were: prose, poetry, dramaturgy and children’s literature. The winners received financial support for publishing books.

During the three-day event, book presentations, readings, discussions and master classes were held. A charitable book collection was also held, as a result of which 223 books were donated to the Baghanis village library.