Academic Books
Zhenia A. Kalantaryan
1959 - 1964 Faculty of Philology, Yerevan State University
1964 - 1968 Post-graduate student Chair of Armenian Literature, YSU, Faculty of Philology

Academic degree
Candidate of Philology, degree awarded in 1968 for her thesis entitled "Soviet Armenian Prose of 1930s", Yerevan State University
Doctor of Philology, degree awarded in 1987 for her thesis entitled "History of Armenian Literary Criticism", Yerevan State University

Professional experience
1969 - 1981 Lecturer, Chair of Contemporary Armenian Literature, YSU
1981 - 1990 Docent (Associate Professor), Chair of Contemporary Armenian Literature, YSU
1990 - 2007 Professor, Chair of Contemporary Armenian Literature, YSU
Since 2007 Head, Chair of Literary Theory and Literary Criticism, Professor, YSU

Academic courses
History of Soviet Armenian Literature, History of Armenian Literary Criticism, Literary Trends of the Early 20th Century, Theory and Methodology of Literary Criticism, Problems of Periodical Classification of Contemporary Armenian Literature, Ways and Methods of Classifying Types of Art

Scale of professional interests
Armenian literature, Literary criticism

Armenian, Russian, French (with dictionary)

Professional membership
Chair, Degree Awarding Specialised Council (Theory of Literature), Yerevan State University
Member of the Writers’ Union of Armenia

Awards received
Best Literary Critic of the Year, Writers’ Union in 2002
Certificate of Achievement of the Ministry of Science and Education in 2004
Prime Minister’s Medal in 2009
Books published by the YSU