Academic Books
Albert A. Stepanyan
1965 - 1970: Armenian State Teachers' Training Institute named after Khachatur Abovian, Bachelor’s Degree.

Academic Degree
Doctor of History
Research tpic: “Armenia and Parthia Against Rome and Threaty of Randea”, 1975, AS of Arm. SSR
Ph.D Degree (candidate)
Research topic: ”Development of historical thought in Ancient Armenia, myth, rationalism”, Historiography, 1991, AS of Arm. SSR

Work Experience
2010: Paris, France (conference)
2009: Ann Harbor (Michigan), USA (conference)
2005: Warsaw, Poland (conference)
2004: Geneva, Switzerland (conference)
2002: Boston, USA (lectures at Harvard University)
1998: Rome, Italy (conference)
1995: Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki (conference)
1995: Montpellier, France (training, lectures)
1993: Austria: Vienna, Gaflents (lectures)

Academic Courses
Ancient Greek and Roman History,
Ancient City-State and Its Problems
Theory and History of Civilizations,
Ancient Literary Genres and Social Consciousness.

Scale of Professional Interests
Ancient history, Philosophy, History and Theory of Civilization, Armenia in the Age of Hellenism, Development of the Historical Thought in Armenia.

Russian, English, French, German,
Ancient languages: Greek, Latin, Grabar, Akkadian.

Professional Membership
Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of History, YSU
Editor of the Journal “History and Education”
Editor of the Annual “Problems of Identity”
Editor of the Annual “The Problems of History”
Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “VEM”
Member of Council of the Journal “Museology”
Vice President of the Proffesional Board of World History
Books published by the YSU