Academic Books
Narine H. Zakaryan
1990 - 1995: M.Sc in Biology, Yerevan State University, Armenia.
1995 - 1999: Post-Graduate Study in Botany, Yerevan State University, Armenia.
1 October - 30 November, 2002: Training of Biodiversity Database, UNDP.
22 August - 25 August 2006: Training Workshop on Red Listing: Evaluation of the status of threats of status of threats of Crop Wild relatives. UNEP/GEF/FAO.

Academic degree
Candidate - “The present state of pastures and grasslands of Kotayk (Republic of Armenia)”, 2001, National Academy of Science, Yerevan, Armenia.

Professional experience
2007 - at present: YSU Department of Botany, Lecturer Assistant
2002 - 2007: YSU Department of Botany, Scientific Researcher
1999 - 2007: YSU Department of Botany, Senior Laboratory Assistant
1995 - 1999: "Factory of Sanitary-Technical Details" Ltd., ecologist-dendrologist.

Academic courses
Botany, Plants Anatomy and Morphology, Plants Ecology and Geobotany, Plants biodiversity, Cultivated Edible Plants, Wild edible Plants of Armenia, Medicinal Herbs of Armenia.

Scale of professional interests
Flora, geobotany, biodiversity, land-improvement (influence of graze, recreation and mineral fertilizer), nature conservation, plants resources, medicinal herbs.

Participation in grant projects
Biodiversity in the countries of the former CIS. Darwin Initiative Grant Program. 2004 - 2005.
Individual Grant Program. Henrich Bolle Foundation. 2005.
In situ Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives through Enhanced Information Management and Field Application. UNEP/GEF/FAO. 2005 - 2007.
Phylogeographical and systematic investigation of ectomycorrhizal fungi in Armenian forests. CRDF/NFSAT. Project ARB-1-3230-YE-04. 2006 - 2008.

Armenian, Russian, English.

Professional membership
1994 - at present: Armenian National Society of Botany.
2004 - at present: Russian National Society of Botany.
2004 - at present: “Ecofung” Armenian Mycological Society